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Providing you with the best doctor for the best care

Dr Andre

‘I qualified as a Doctor 25 years ago and since that time I worked as a GP, a Premiership Sports Physician and an Occupational Physician.  I have trained in medical aesthetics with the Royal College and SkinViva.  I believe in making the best of yourself, that less is more and a natural look beats an unnatural look every time.  Medical aesthetics is a personal journey where doctor-patient trust is paramount.  I would be honoured to guide you on that journey.’

Dr. André Brittain-Dissont

All treatments are performed after a detailed consultation including psychological assessment,  full consideration of any pre-existing medical issues and a cool off period. 


Treatments indicated are for illustration purposes and may not represent actual results.


Always consult your doctor before commencing on a course of treatment/therapy. 

Dr Andre And Dr Sam