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Introducing The UK's Leading Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon

We offer a fully supported weight-loss journey, with a state of art gastric balloon which offers no surgery, no downtime, no anesthetic, and no endoscopy!

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Sometimes, dieting isn't enough...

The Elipse Balloon is a revolutionary gastric balloon that creates a feeling of fullness by taking up space in your stomach. It gives you the chance to take a ‘honeymoon from hunger'. The Elipse Balloon is placed during a simple 20-minute consultation with your healthcare professional. It does not require surgery, endoscopy, or anesthetic.

It is a fully supported program with healthcare professionals on hand to help you change your lifestyle habits and open the door to a new you! You can lose an average of 10kg to 15kg (1.57 to 2.36 stone) during your 16-week placement with support from a nutritionist and our connected app and scale. If it's more weight than this you want to lose we have options for double treatments.

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Lose 10-15kg!

Elipse combines a high-tech balloon solution with a full package of support to help you develop good lifestyle habits that can remain with you long after your balloon has gone.


One clinical study with 509 patients showed that 95% of average weight loss with Elipse can be sustained at 12 month follow up.

Give your health a boost in 2021 with the Elipse Gastric Balloon Programme. 

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